Are you looking for a new toilet or a replacement for your home or business? You will be surprised at home many options are available on the market today. Even something as simple as buying a new toilet takes a great deal of research and consideration. In this article, we’ll discuss the five most common types of toilets available today. This will help you determine which system is suitable for your property and help ease the decision process. Let’s dive right in!


5 Types of Toilets on the Market Today


1.   Pressure Assisted Toilets


The most significant advantage of a pressure-assisted toilet is the strength of the flush. The flushing mechanism uses compressed air to drive water into the toilet from your tank. This is an excellent option for properties with water pressure issues. It eliminates the need to double flush, which can lead to significant water waste. Pressure-assisted toilets are best for large families and commercial properties with considerable bathroom usage.


2. Dual-Flush Toilet


Dual-flush toilets are a type of toilet that has two flushing mechanisms. This includes a half flush and a full flush option. Every time you flush, you have the option of doing a half or full flush. You can use the half flush option for liquid waste and the full flush option for solid waste.

The dual-flush toilet is a relatively new style of toilet that is quickly gaining popularity due to its water-saving advantages. Although they are more expensive, they are better for the environment and your wallet for their energy-efficient properties.


3. Waterless Toilet


For properties without running water, waterless toilets are the best solution available. While they are not prevalent in primary residential properties, they are commonly used on construction sites, home renovation projects, camping, and similar settings. Self-contained waterless deposit waste in a container located beneath the toilet seat until they are removed from the site to be emptied. There is no water used to flush this toilet.


4. Gravity-Feed Toilet


Toilets with a gravity-flush system are prevalent in homes and businesses across the world. When you push the flush button, water releases from the toilet tank into the bowl. The trash is subsequently forced through the trap way by moving water into the bowl. This is the traditional toilet used in most properties. Maintenance is low, and repairs are simple due to the limited number of moving components.


5. Double-Cyclone Flush


The newest toilet option on the market is the double-cyclone flush. These toilets consume less water per flush while providing the same force used in high-pressure toilets. Instead of using holes in the toilet bowl rim to deliver water for the flush, a double-cyclone toilet uses two nozzles along the rim to flush. Overall, the nozzles make the flushing mechanism more efficient. While the amount of water saved with every flush is minor, it adds up to a significant reduction in your monthly water usage.

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5 Types of Toilets and What You Should Buy

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