Having a well on your property can provide several benefits, especially if you don’t have access to a municipal water supply. However, you need to make sure you maintain your well to avoid costly problems and dangerous health hazards.


In this article, we’ll discuss the most common well and pump problems residential customers experience.


5 Common Well and Pump Problems


If you have well water on your property, there are several problems you can experience with your well over time. This includes:


1.   No Water


One of the most common issues residential well water customers face is no water. While this is undoubtedly a nuisance, a professional service can quickly and easily resolve the issue. The most common causes of no water are issues with your valves or pump. You’ll need to call a professional plumber to diagnose the problem. They will check all the functional elements of your well pump and determine whether there’s an issue that needs to be fixed. In rare cases, your water supply can be compromised. When you no longer have water coming into your home from a dry well, you’ll need to have a new water source drilled. This is the most expensive solution to no water.


2.   Air in Your System


If you turn on your faucets or appliances and water spits out sporadically, you might have air in your system. This typically happens when there is a cracked pipe or broken water pump. Since the problem can progress and cause significant damage, be sure to contact a local plumber immediately for repairs.


3.   Cloudy or Dirty Water


If your residential water supply looks discolored, cloudy, or muddy, stop using it immediately. Changes in your water color typically signal contamination. The most common cause of discolored water is a water main break. But if you have a well water system, your water supply can be discolored from several issues. Since dirt and mineral deposits can contaminate your water, you need to call a local plumber immediately to ensure there your contaminated water doesn’t cause a risk to your health.


4.   Foul Odor or Taste


If you’re drinking water that tastes or smells bad, you need to call a professional to check the quality of your water. Foul odor and taste can be caused by corroded pipes or bacteria. A reliable plumber will test your water to ensure its safety and fix any issues you have with your supply.


5.   High Utility Bills


If your monthly utility bills rise unexpectedly with for no apparent reasons, you need to make sure there’s not an issue with your well or pump. When well water pumps malfunction, you make notice a rise in your electricity or water bills. The most common cause in rising utility bills occurs when your well pump switches on and off continuously for no apparent reason. Call a professional immedaitely to avoid significant expenses and more costly repairs.


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5 Common Well and Pump Problems

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