Divorce can be a very taxing and difficult thing to deal with all on your own. Qualified attorneys are there to help you through all of the steps and get you to the end without as much pain and difficulty that could be there if you are doing the process on your own. Knowing things about your lawyer as well as things about your case that your lawyer is in charge of is important because your lawyer is representing you, and if you do not know of their motives, then they can not make a good representation of you.


Here are 5 vital things that you should ask any divorce attorney when you first meet.


  1. How will I be able to access my file?

It is important to know that your file is yours and not the lawyers. You are able to access your file at any time or any place whenever you request so. If you ask for it electronically, the lawyer should provide. If you ask for it on paper, the lawyer should provide.


  1. Are there any parts of my file I will not have access to?

If your lawyer says anything but yes, you should find a new lawyer. You should be able to access every and all parts of your file because like I said before, it is your file and not the lawyer’s life.


  1. Is there any part of my file that I can not have copies of?

This is the only one that has a few strange rules. If this divorce is only between you and your spouse and dividing assets, then you should be able to have copies of everything. Family law and child custody battles are very different though. Certain parts of your file are not able to be copied like child custody evaluation reports because California law says you can not have a copy if a lawyer is representing you.


  1. Do you offer references from previous clients?

Much like the second question on here, if the answer is not yes, find someone new. If the lawyer can not bring you references from previous cases, they may not be reliable or have much success in the courtroom. And if your lawyer does give you references, they should be clients who were in similar situations like your own. It should be vital that those previous clients had similar cases to yours because a client whose case was simple and easy is nothing like a client whose case was filled with high conflict and arguments.


  1. Are the reviews on your website from former clientele?

If the lawyer states that the reviews on their website are not from former clients, then it should bring up immediate red flags and questions about who those reviews are from. And it is also important to look for unbiased and unfiltered reviews. Lawyers may only put the 1 good review out of 100 bad ones. Google reviews tend to be pretty honest about the firm and how they function.


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5 Vital Things You Should Ask Any Divorce Attorney When You First Meet

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