One of the most common plumbing maintenance services homeowners often overlook is a drain cleaning service. Drain cleaning is often needed when particles, such as hair, soap, grime, and other elements get stuck in a home’s drain and build up. A drain clog leads to slower draining and can cause your plumbing to develop foul smells, leaks, and backups. The proper solution for any clog in your drains is getting a drain cleaning service.

Delaying a drain cleaning can have a negative effect on your home, so it is crucial to book a service with a local plumber in your area! What are some reasons you should not delay a drain cleaning service? Here are 5!

1.  Can Address Clogs ASAP!

A drain clog can develop fast and when you least expect it, but getting the appropriate drain cleaning addresses the issue and prevents a more significant and stubborn clog from developing! Drain cleaning helps keep your drains clean and free of particles that can cause a blockage.

2.  Will Minimize Health Risks!

Though it seems hard to believe, getting a drain cleaning service done can prevent congealed particles in your drain from causing leaks and backups. When a leak or backup occurs, this can introduce harmful bacteria into the environment that can cause major health problems for your household. Minimize any health risks in your home and keep those drains cleaned with the help of a plumbing professional.

3.  Prevent Pipe Damage!

A clog can start off relatively small, but delaying a drain cleaning service gives it the opportunity to grow and cause more damage imaginable. An unaddressed drain clog that gets bigger can become more destructive, causing pipe damages that are extensive and expensive. Getting a drain cleaning service as needed prevents you from having to pay more out of pocket down the road due to pipe damage.

4.  Give Mold The Boot!

Any plumbing issue that involves standing water can eventually be the perfect spot for mold to grow. If you delay a drain cleaning service in your plumbing, you may soon face the additional trouble of dealing with harmful mold. If mold starts to fester and spread throughout your plumbing due to a clogged drain, you may find yourself needing even more professional services when it comes to mold removal.

5.  Keep Your Drains As Efficient As Possible!

We all want to make sure our home’s plumbing is working as efficiently as possible. Delaying drain cleaning services can lead to our drains slowing down and hitting many bumps on the road, which is not ideal for any home. Keep your drains working as efficiently as possible by getting the right drain cleaning services when needed.


When your home is dealing with drain clogs and other issues, getting a drain cleaning done by a plumbing professional is key. If you are looking for a dependable plumbing company in Victorville, John’s Plumbing & Rooter Service is the team to call. Learn more about us here!

5 Reasons Not To Delay A Drain Cleaning Service

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