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Dannii Music promises to bring the latest news and information about your favorite songs, albums and artists. To keep you updated, we check out trusted and reliable resources that provide us fresh content about music:


Billboard is your reliable source for the most popular current songs across all genres. They offer you the top singles in Billboard Hot 100, top albums in Billboard 200 and the chart-toppers in various music genres.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is our ultimate source of reliable news and updates about music. They are also good sources of news about politics, movies, entertainment and Hollywood.


MTV is your music television that provides you the latest and the freshest updates in the world of music. They also bring you information about tours, concerts and upcoming shows. They also tell stories about your favorite artists.

Official Charts

Official Artists provides the latest news about your favorite artists and songs. They also keep you updated about new releases. They also have charts about the best current songs. Lastly, they have a huge archive and database of the world’s musicians and artists.


YouTube is the most popular video-sharing and hosting platform that provides you content about the latest single and music video releases. It also contains various channels that bring information about popstars and music.


Lastly, Spotify can keep you updated about the latest music. They have playlists that depend on your mood. They also have their own charts of the best current songs.