Blog6 - How To Write A Song In 9 Simple Steps

Are you aspiring to become the next superstar and create big pop hits? Or you just want to express your thoughts and feelings through a song? Well, songwriting is for you.

Songwriting is the process of composing or creating a music out of a singular or multiple themes and subjects. There are thousands of songwriters who make money for lending their masterpieces to artists. Songwriting entails creativity and love for music, of course.

Here are the 9 simple steps in writing a song:

Be inspired

Before you write a song, you have to be inspired. Think about your favorite artists and how they write their songs. You can also select a theme and idea, or you may want to use your thoughts and feelings as your fuel to write a song. You can also be inspired by your life stories and experiences.

k2 - How To Write A Song In 9 Simple Steps

Create a melody

If you are fueled by inspiration, it’s time for you to create a melody. Think about a random tone or rhythm in your head. You can hum, buzz or sing your favorite song and make it as an inspiration for your melody.

Make a song structure

After creating a melody, make a song structure. The song structure contains the order of the parts of the song. A common song would follow a verse-refrain-chorus-verse-refrain-bridge-chorus structure. However, you can be more innovative. Create a song structure that speaks your mind and the type of music you want to make.

Write the lyrics

Writing the lyrics is one of the most crucial parts. Out of your inspirations, write about what you want to say. Put your ideas and feelings into words. In the initial part of writing the lyrics, you can skip the aesthetics part. You just have to be plain-straight in expressing all your ideas into words.

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Experiment with words

Now here comes the creative part. From the lyrics you made, re-create them through experimenting with some words. You can use metaphors, idiomatic expressions or rhyming words that will make your verses and chorus sound great and artistic. After finalizing the lyrics, combine it with the melody.

Play the instrument

What is music without instrumental? After creating the lyrics and combining it with the melody, use your most favorite instrument to accompany your song. Most commonly, songwriters use a guitar as it is very easy to use and has a wide range of chords. A piano is the second most popular.

Practice the song

After you perfect the lyrics, instrumentation and chords, practice and practice. You can make some necessary changes in your song while you practice so that you can achieve your desirable song piece.

Let others hear the song

Apart from you, others should hear your music. We create music because we want others to hear it. So, it is important that you let others, say your friends or some artists constructively judge and criticize your song for improvements.

Record the song

Lastly, record the song. After you finalize everything, go to a music recording studio to record your song. You can also use your available resources and just be creative.

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