Blog10 - 7 Tips For Beginner Artists To Make it in the Music Industry

7 Tips For Beginner Artists To Make it in the Music Industry

The 21st century is the perfect time for people to pursue their dreams in becoming an artist. There is a wide variety of opportunities for individuals to showcase their love and passion for music. The chances of you being discovered have become easier with the advent of technology.

However, for a newcomer in the industry, let us admit that it is not easy. Here are our 7 tips for beginner artists who want to make it in the music industry:

j2 - 7 Tips For Beginner Artists To Make it in the Music Industry

Practice everyday

The world’s greatest artists are not who they are today if they did not practice and practice. You are still young in the industry. There are a lot of things that you should learn. Practice your vocals and your instruments to enhance your skills.

Learn to listen

It is important that you listen to your music and reflect on it. You are the primary consumer of your music. You know its strengths and flaws. Also, listen to what other people say about your music – positive or negative. Use it to improve your skills.

Connect with your fans

Your fans will push you to the top. Without your supporters, you will not make it in the industry. Treat them as your treasure and they will love you even more.

Be strategic

Explore various marketing strategies to promote your music and to establish yourself in the industry. The most accessible way is to take advantage of social media and other digital marketing methods. The internet allows you to reach thousands of people who will be your potential consumers.

Gain more experience

To make you more confident and more skilled, you have to gain more experience. You can perform in live shows to improve your stage presence. You can also join workshops and training that will better your skills. Engage in activities that will expand your experience and knowledge about music.

h1 - 7 Tips For Beginner Artists To Make it in the Music Industry

Be patient

Today may not be your time, nor tomorrow. But always believe that your time will come. Opportunities will come along the way. What you have to do is to be brave in taking the risk. You have to soar higher and be patient until you reach success.

Have fun

Again, the journey may not be too easy. Thus, you just have to have fun. Do not pressure yourself into making it in the industry. Just continue doing what you love and loving what you do. Good luck!

Blog9 - The 8 Greatest Duets of All Time

The 8 Greatest Duets of All Time

What happens when to great artists collaborate? A BIG HIT! Music collaboration is a common practice in the industry, especially in the pop era in which two or more artists join forces into creating music.

Now, let us take a look at the greatest duets of all time:

Endless Love

Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

Endless Love was released in 1981. It peaked at number 2 in US Billboard Hot 100. It also topped charts in Australia, Canada, Norway, and Sweden, among others. Billboard named this song the greatest duet of all time.

duet1 - The 8 Greatest Duets of All Time

One Sweet Day

Boyz II Men & Mariah Carey

This song was released in 1995 for Maria Carey’s fifth studio album Daydream. It peaked at number 2 in US Billboard Hot 100. It also won the Reader’s Poll of Rolling Stone for the best collaborations of all time.

Say Say Say

Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson

Say Say Say was produced for Paul McCartney’s album Pipes of Peace. During its release in 1983, it became Jackson seventh hit within a year. It became #1 in US, Canada, Norway, and Sweden and peaked at number 2 in the UK.

Under Pressure

Queen & David Bowie

This single was released in 1982 from Queen’s album Hot Space. Despite ranking at the 29th of Billboard Hot 100, Under Pressure topped the UK singles chart.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

The Beatles & Eric Clapton

The Beatles released this single from their double album The Beatles which featured the instrumentation and vocals of Eric Clapton. It ranked 7th on Rolling Stone’s Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time.

Ebony And Ivory

Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder

Ebony and Ivory was released in 1982 and became an instant hit. It topped the UK and US charts and other countries. In 2013, Billboard hailed it as the 69th biggest hit of all time.


Nelly & Kelly Rowland

Dilemma was the lead single from Rowland’s debut studio album Simply Deep and Nelly’s second studio album Nellyville. It topped charts in over 10 countries, including UK and US. It also became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with over 7.6 million copies sold.

Baby Boy

Beyonce & Sean Paul

This is Beyonce’s second single from her first solo debut album Dangerously in Love. Baby Boy dominated the Billboard Hot 100 for nine consecutive weeks. It also topped more than country charts.

Can you name other great duets?

Blog8 - 7 Easiest Ways To Promote Your Music To The People

7 Easiest Ways To Promote Your Music To The People

As a newcomer to the music industry, you have to work harder to establish your name. There are thousands of artists who have the same goals as you. Moreover, since there are thousands of artists in the industry, you have to make sure that you have the potential and the edge that makes you stand out among others.

Your music should have a better taste. It should make your audience resonate with the feel and vibes of your music. Now, it is a challenge for you to introduce your brand of music to the people.

Here are seven easy ways on how to promote your music to your audience:

music2 - 7 Easiest Ways To Promote Your Music To The People

Perform a free gig

One of the most effective ways to promote your music is through performing on live shows for free. It is an opportunity to introduce yourself as an artist and your music to the people. You can perform as a guest of other more established artists. Or you can perform in trade shows, seminars, conferences and other events that have a big population.

Use the power of social media

Around 40% of the total world population are internet users. According to recent statistics, almost 2.5 billion have social media accounts. Thus, the social media is a very powerful digital tool to market your music, as it can reach billions of users instantly. Also, the leading social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have advertising programs that let you promote your pages, products, and services.

Upload videos on YouTube

Approximately, there are 1.5 billion users of YouTube, the largest video-sharing and hosting platform. Seven of the most subscribed channels on YouTube are pop artists who used this platform to market their singles and music videos. Through the help of YouTube, you can showcase your music. Just record a video of yourself and upload it on YouTube with relevant tags. Also, share the link to your social media accounts.

Create a website

Apart from social media, you can also promote your music through your own personal website. Your website serves as the community for your fans to know more about you and your music. Always update your website with fresh content, optimized with SEO keywords so that you can build your online presence and will rank on search results faster.

music1 - 7 Easiest Ways To Promote Your Music To The People

Collaborate with musicians

Another way is to collaborate with more established musicians. If you have known some artists who have a huge fan base, create music with them. This will help you in introducing you as an artist and your talent in writing and making music.

Approach influencers

You can also tap some famous influencers, including bloggers. Their huge following base can help you reach a wide audience. Ask them to promote your music or share your content on their social media accounts.

Interact with fans

Lastly, always have time to interact with your fans. They are the most important in the world. They will be responsible for spreading the news about your existence as a great artist. They are the consumers of your music. Without them, you are nothing.

Blog7 - 8 Best Pop Artists of the 20th Century

8 Best Pop Artists of the 20th Century

The origin of music is hard to determine. But through the creativity of mankind, they were able to combine melody, rhythm, harmony, lyrics, and instrumentation to create music. Music has been through a lot of eras, giving birth to hundreds of music genres and styles. There has been the existence of countless musicians, composers, and artists all over the world.

In the 21st century, a new era of artists has conquered the world with their creativity and pop music. Here are the top 8 artists of the 21st century:

Beyones - 8 Best Pop Artists of the 20th Century

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce started as the leader of Destiny’s Child in the 1990s. In 2003, she ventured her solo career with her first album Dangerously In Love creating chart-topping singles, including Crazy in Love and Baby Boy. She has 6 studio albums and almost 70 singles to date.

Justin Bieber

Everybody witnessed how Bieber transformed from a charmer to one of the greatest male pop stars. He released his first album in 2009 that was a certified Platinum in many countries. He is the first-ever artist to have seven songs from a debut album on the Billboard chart. Bieber has released 4 albums and 40 singles.


Eminem is the best-selling artist of the 2000s. Throughout his career, he has 10 #1 albums on the Billboard 200. Rolling Stone named him one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time. He has produced a total of 21 studio, compilation, and video albums. He also released 45 singles.

ladygaga - 8 Best Pop Artists of the 20th Century

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga rose to fame with her debut album The Fame in 2007 featuring best-selling singles like Poker Face and Just Dance. She was known for her unconventional approach to music. Overall, Lady Gaga has recorded five studio albums and has released 26 singles.


Adele released her debut album 19 in 2008. But her second studio album 21 brought her to the worldwide spotlight. The album 21 was the current most-selling album of the 21st century. It won six Grammy awards. It is also the longest-running #1 album in the music history. She has recorded a total of 3 studio albums and released 16 singles.


Rihanna had her first album in 2005. In 2007, she released her most successful album Good Girl Gone Bad with the best-selling single Umbrella. Rihanna has 8 studio albums and has released 68 singles.

Katy Perry

The most followed on Twitter is no other than Katy Perry. She started her music career in 2001. Her second album in 2007 was her breakout album, with chart-topping singles Hot n Cold and I Kissed A Girl. Overall, she recorded five studio albums, with 27 singles.

bruno - 8 Best Pop Artists of the 20th Century

Bruno Mars

Mars started his musical career as a songwriter. He debuted his first ever album Doo-Wops & Hooligans in 2010 with mega-hits Just The Way You Are, Grenade and The Lazy Song. Mars has recorded 3 albums and has released 22 singles.

Other best pop artists of the 21st century include Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Who are your other favorite 21st century popstars?


Blog6 - How To Write A Song In 9 Simple Steps

How To Write A Song In 9 Simple Steps

Are you aspiring to become the next superstar and create big pop hits? Or you just want to express your thoughts and feelings through a song? Well, songwriting is for you.

Songwriting is the process of composing or creating a music out of a singular or multiple themes and subjects. There are thousands of songwriters who make money for lending their masterpieces to artists. Songwriting entails creativity and love for music, of course.

Here are the 9 simple steps in writing a song:

Be inspired

Before you write a song, you have to be inspired. Think about your favorite artists and how they write their songs. You can also select a theme and idea, or you may want to use your thoughts and feelings as your fuel to write a song. You can also be inspired by your life stories and experiences.

k2 - How To Write A Song In 9 Simple Steps

Create a melody

If you are fueled by inspiration, it’s time for you to create a melody. Think about a random tone or rhythm in your head. You can hum, buzz or sing your favorite song and make it as an inspiration for your melody.

Make a song structure

After creating a melody, make a song structure. The song structure contains the order of the parts of the song. A common song would follow a verse-refrain-chorus-verse-refrain-bridge-chorus structure. However, you can be more innovative. Create a song structure that speaks your mind and the type of music you want to make.

Write the lyrics

Writing the lyrics is one of the most crucial parts. Out of your inspirations, write about what you want to say. Put your ideas and feelings into words. In the initial part of writing the lyrics, you can skip the aesthetics part. You just have to be plain-straight in expressing all your ideas into words.

k1 - How To Write A Song In 9 Simple Steps

Experiment with words

Now here comes the creative part. From the lyrics you made, re-create them through experimenting with some words. You can use metaphors, idiomatic expressions or rhyming words that will make your verses and chorus sound great and artistic. After finalizing the lyrics, combine it with the melody.

Play the instrument

What is music without instrumental? After creating the lyrics and combining it with the melody, use your most favorite instrument to accompany your song. Most commonly, songwriters use a guitar as it is very easy to use and has a wide range of chords. A piano is the second most popular.

Practice the song

After you perfect the lyrics, instrumentation and chords, practice and practice. You can make some necessary changes in your song while you practice so that you can achieve your desirable song piece.

Let others hear the song

Apart from you, others should hear your music. We create music because we want others to hear it. So, it is important that you let others, say your friends or some artists constructively judge and criticize your song for improvements.

Record the song

Lastly, record the song. After you finalize everything, go to a music recording studio to record your song. You can also use your available resources and just be creative.

Blog5 - Top 8 Dance Songs of All Time

Top 8 Dance Songs of All Time

Music is the perfect company for all your moods. If you want to relax, listen to classical songs. If you are feeling emotional right now, you can listen to some Adele songs. However, if you want to party hard and move your body, set your playlist of dance music and turn up the volume.

If you are still searching your library, look no more! Here are the top 8 dance songs of all time:

Y.M.C.A. – The Village People

Y.M.C.A. was released in 1978. It reached number 1 in UK charts and number 2 in US charts. It sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. This is indeed a timeless dance hit, with very simple but fun choreography.  In 2009, Y.M.C.A. entered the Guinness World Book of Records when The Village People performed the song along with over 44,000 people dancing.

Night Fever – Bee Gees

The Bee Gees recorded this song in 1977. When it first appeared in Saturday Night Fever, it became an instant hit. It was the third of the six consecutive US number 1 for Bee Gees. It also ranked the second best song in 1978. Night Fever also topped the UK charts for two straight weeks. It received a platinum certification in Canada and US.

abba - Top 8 Dance Songs of All Time

Dancing Queen – ABBA

Everybody knows the worldwide hit Dancing Queen by the Swedish group ABBA.  It ranked first on dozens of charts all around the world, including US, Australia, Netherlands, and UK. It was the only ABBA song that topped the Billboard Hot 100.

I’m So Excited – The Pointer Sisters

When this single was released in 1982, people are so excited and they just can’t hide it! It entered the Billboard Hot 100 in the 30th spot. It also ranked on Billboard’s hot dance club and R&B singles. Billboard also named this song the 23rd greatest girl group song of all time.

We Are Family – Sister Sledge

We Are Family was released in 1979 and gained popularity in clubs and radios. It became the number 1 R&B and number 2 pop song on the US charts. It also topped the chart in Canada. Billboard named this song number 20 on 100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time.

The Twist – Chubby Checker

Released in 1959, The Twist immediately peaked number 28 on Billboard Hot 100 until it topped the chart in 1960. In 1988, it was re-recorded by The Fat Boys and topped Germany charts and became number 2 in the UK. Billboard named the song the biggest hit of the 1960s.

jackson - Top 8 Dance Songs of All Time

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

Of course, the King of Pop has his entry. Jackson released Billie Jean as the second single from his 6th studio album Thriller. It became one of the best-selling singles worldwide, topping charts in US, UK, and other countries simultaneously. It was a certified platinum by the RIAA in 1989.

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

I Will Survive remains to be a disco legend. Released in 1978, I Will Survive topped the Billboard Hot 100 and UK singles chart. It was also one of the songs most heavily played on the radio. It was also certified platinum by RIAA.

These were just a few of the millions of dance hits that have dominated the airwaves.

Blog4 - The 6 Biggest Pop Hits of 2017

The 6 Biggest Pop Hits of 2017

The year 2017 is a really majestic year for music. It is the year of big album releases from some of the biggest artists. It is also the year for some fresh faces in the industry. 2017 is filled with great hits that we played thousand times on our music devices.

Let us round up the 6 biggest pop hits of the year 2017:

Despacito (Remix)

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yanki featuring Justin Bieber

Despacito (Remix) is certainly the biggest pop hit of 2017. It is a single by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi with rap by Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee. In April 2017, they produced a remix with Justin Bieber which immediately topped the Billboard. Its music video (without Bieber) is viewed almost 4 billion times. It is named as Billboard’s third best pop song of 2017.

Shape of You

Ed Sheeran

Shape of You is one of the double lead singles of Ed Sheeran’s comeback album Divide. It topped more than 35 charts all over the world. It also topped the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 consecutive weeks. In September 2017, it became the most streamed track on Spotify, with more than 1.3 billion streams. It also sold over 27,000 combined units in the first week of release.

That’s What I Like

Bruno Mars

That’s What I Like is the second single from Bruno Mars’ third studio album 24k Magic which he released in January 2017. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 and has spent in the top 10 for almost thirty weeks. This single was also certified Platinum 17 times. In July 2017, the single sold almost 1.5 million copies and has 522 million audio and video streams worldwide.


Kendrick Lamar

HUMBLE. is the most popular hip-hop song of 2017. It is the first single off Kendrick Lamar’s fourth studio album, Damn. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 and has spent in the top 10 for 15 weeks. This is Lamar’s first-ever highest-charting single. Pitchfork named it as the Best New Track. Lamar’s HUMBLE. also dominated the MTV Awards winning a total of 6 awards, including Video of the Year and Best Hip-Hop Song.

taylorswift - The 6 Biggest Pop Hits of 2017

Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift

Look What You Made Me Do made Taylor Swift’s musical comeback trending and controversial because of its notable deviation from Swift’s traditional pop style and some hidden lyrics believed to be pointed towards Swift’s opponents. It is the lead single off Swift’s sixth studio album Reputation. Its video became the most watched within 24 hours. It also topped 15 countries and received Platinum certifications.

Bodak Yellow

Cardi B.

Bodak Yellow is a hit single from newcomer Cardi B. It was released in June 2016 as her debut single. It topped the Billboard Hot 100, making Cardi B. the first ever female rapper to top the chart since Lauryn Hill’s Doo Wop (That Thing). The song features catchy beats and hooks.

What are your other favorite 2017 pop hits? Comment them down below.

Blog3 - 10 Cool Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

10 Cool Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Christmas is fast approaching. Probably, you have started looking for some gifts or are still brainstorming for the best gift ideas. For your friends who love music, of course, your gift should be related to music. Music-themed gifts are more personalized, making them feel super special.

Check out these ten amazing gift ideas for music lovers:

Portable Turntable

Turntables are popular since the 1980s as record players. Now, turntables are becoming more advanced. DJs have been using them to produce music, EDM in particular. There are portable turntables that allow you to play music. This will be a perfect gift idea for your friend.

Vinyl - 10 Cool Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are vintage storage medium that can contain one to two songs. They are only played using a gramophone or turntables. It is the best gift idea for your friend who loves to collect vintage music-related stuff.

Mixtape Doormat

Another vintage stuff is a mixtape. There are available personalized doormats that are designed like mixtapes. Whenever your friend sees this mixtape doormat, he or she will be reminded of music. Plus, it is very useful.

Ticket Holder

As a music lover, your friend must have been into different concerts and musical performances. He or she must have a lot of ticket stubs. Well, give your recipient a ticket holder that can be mounted on their wall. It will remind your friend of his or her musical experiences.

Record Frame

You can also give a record frame to your friend. Print a copy of the album cover of your friend’s favorite band or artist. Make sure you placed a digital signature on the album cover before framing them. This record frame can add aesthetics to his or her room filled with music stuff.

grama - 10 Cool Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Gramophone-Designed Speaker

This gift will be great for his or her collection of music stuff. There are gramophone designed speakers available online. However, you can also do-it-yourself. All you just need is a quality speaker and your creativity.

MP3 Armband

If your friend is a fitness enthusiast or has an active lifestyle, give him or her an MP3 armband. Your friend can use this if he or she will do running or biking. The MP3 armband can hold their phones and other music devices.

Bluetooth Headphones

Probably, headphones are a necessity to all music lovers. Instead of giving the traditional headphone, try the Bluetooth headphones. It is more convenient than wired headphones, especially to those who have an active lifestyle. There are cheap Bluetooth headphones available online.

spearker - 10 Cool Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Portable Speaker

If you cannot DIY a gramophone speaker, well, just give your friend a regular portable speaker. There are portable speakers that are designed with superheroes, sports-themed and much more. Also, make sure that the speaker has quality sound.

Customized Guitar Picks

Lastly, for your friend that uses guitar, it is recommended to give a customized pick. There are stores that accept pick customization. You can engrave or print the picture of his or her favorite artist, movie, quote or his or her picture.

Do you have any cool gift ideas for music lovers? Share us your thoughts.

Blog2 - Dannii Minogue’s Top 7 Hits That Dominated Charts

Dannii Minogue’s Top 7 Hits That Dominated Charts

After how many years, the Queens of the Clubs is making the greatest musical comeback. After giving birth to a healthy baby boy in July 2010, Dannii has focused on various TV roles, including The X Factor Australia and more recently, BBC’s One’s Let It Shine.

Just this August 2017, Dannii released her most-awaited single, Holding On which is a serious club banger. It features bone-rattling beats and electronic quirky upbeat tempo. She is also expected to go on tour. Exciting, isn’t it?

Dannii Minogue 2 - Dannii Minogue’s Top 7 Hits That Dominated Charts

Well, to celebrate her musical comeback, let us have a throwback of her top seven hits that definitely broke the charts:

Love and Kisses

Love and Kisses was her first ever single from her self-titled Album Dannii and re-released album Love and Kisses in 1991. It peaked number 4 in Australian singles chart while 8th on UK singles chart. It is the fifth best-selling single of Dannii to date.

Jump to the Beat

Released on July 1991 under the album Let Me Be Your Angel, Jump to the Beat peaked number 3 in UK singles charts and 8th in Australia. It also topped the Billboard dance charts. It also topped in top 15 in Ireland, Netherlands, and Sweden. It is Dannii’s 7th best-selling single.

This is It

From her second album Get Into You, Dannii released This is It as the second single in 1976. It peaked at number 9 in UK singles chart and was included in Billboard Hot 100 in the 91st position. It also ranked 10th in Billboard Hot Dance Club Play. This is It is Danni’s third best-selling single.

All I Wanna Do

All I Wanna Do is Dannii’s best-selling single ever. It was the first single off her third studio album Girl. It ranked number four in UK singles chart and has been certified gold in Australia and Silver in the UK. It also topped pop charts in Australia, Scotland, and Belgium.

Who Do You Love Now

The second best-selling single of Dannii is Who Do You Love Now which she performed along with Dutch DJs Zki and Dobri. It was among the singles of Dannii’s 2003 album Neon Nights. It ranked third in UK singles chart, fifth in UK dance singles chart, second in Scottish singles chart and charted in other countries.

Put the Needle on It

Put The Needle On It was released on November 4 as part of Dannii’s album Neon Nights. It ranked number 7 in UK singles chart. It also topped in Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Germany and Scotland charts. It is considered the 8th best-selling single of Dannii.

I Begin to Wonder

I Begin to Wonder was Dannii’s second single from Neon Nights. It topped the UK upfront dance chart and was the second in UK singles chart. It also ranked 14th on Billboard hot dance singles. It was also included in the top 10 charts of France, Scotland, and Europe. It is Dannii’s fourth best-selling single.

Apart from these chart-topping singles, other Dannii’s best-selling singles include Success, Baby Love and Everything I Wanted.

Blog1 - Dannii Minogue: The Queen of Clubs and A Fashion Icon

Dannii Minogue: The Queen of Clubs and A Fashion Icon

“Love and Kisses”, “Jump to the Beat”, “Baby Love” and “This is it”. These are some of the hits of the Australian singer and dancer Dannii Minogue. She is the younger sister of pop superstar Kylie Minogue who recorded the pop hits “Can’t Get You out of my Head” and “The Loco-motion”.

Dannii Minogue began her career as a pop singer in the 1990s and has dominated charts all over the world. Let’s get to know Dannii better.

Personal Life

Dannii Minogue was born on October 20, 1971 in Melbourne, Australia. She is the youngest of the three children of Ronald Charles Allan Minogue, an Irish accountant, and Carol Jones, an American dancer. Her sister Kylie has become a pop superstar, while her brother pursued news operations in Australia.

At an early age, Dannii enrolled in singing and dancing lessons. By the time when she was seven, she appeared in several soap operas on Australian television, including Skyways and The Sullivans.

Danni2 - Dannii Minogue: The Queen of Clubs and A Fashion Icon

Music Career

Dannii signed a recording contract in January 1989 with Mushroom Records. She released her first album, Dannii in Australia which topped album charts. Outside Australia, the album has been renamed to Love and Kisses which became a top hit. Her first single Love and Kisses peaked at number four on Australian charts and was certified gold.

In October 1993, she released her second album Get Into You with upbeat dance tracks Show You the Way to Go, This is It and This is the Way.

In 1997, Dannii released her third album Girl which featured adult-oriented dance music. She released her three singles All I Wanna Do, Everything I Wanted and Disremembrance which all peaked number one on the UK dance chart. In June 1998, Dannii began her The Unleashed Tour in the United Kingdom.

In 2003, she released her 4th album, Neon Nights which consisted of 1980’s-themed dance-pop songs which include Put the Needle on it and I Begin to Wonder.

In 2006, she released a compilation of all her greatest hits on the album The Hits & Beyond. In 2008, Dannii released her fifth studio album which includes unreleased and canceled singles from previous albums.

Danni1 - Dannii Minogue: The Queen of Clubs and A Fashion Icon

Other Careers

Apart from music, Dannii also spent her years as a TV actress. She became a judge on The X Factor UK, The X Factor Australia, and Australia’s Got Talent.

She has also been a fashion design and model. She has been a Style Icon in Ireland, Australia, and the United Kingdom. She also became an ambassador for 2011’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Her creations were applauded by fashion line. She also has an online store featuring her works.

Apart from fashion, she is an active gay rights activist.

Where is she now?

After her hiatus in the music scene, she announced in 2015 that she is planning to make a comeback. In August 2017, she announced a new single Holding On and promises a new album. She also became a judge on a British talent Show Let it Shine.

She is now currently working on her greatest musical comeback and has also been appearing in various TV and theater works.