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Dannii Music started as a website solely dedicated to the Queen of Clubs and fashion icon, Dannii Minogue. We have been serving the latest news and updates about her single and album releases, upcoming tours and future shows. We also archive her best songs, performances and TV appearances. Basically, Dannii Music is all about Dannii Minogue.

Dannii Minogue has inspired us to enrich our love and passion for music. Her dedication in creating music and teaching the world to have fun through music has encouraged us to use this website in bringing the best of music to everybody.

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As a result, we transformed and expanded our website to a community for all music lovers – artists, musicians, songwriters, composers and everyone who have the passion for music. As part of our mission, we promise to bring the latest news and updates about the music industry. This includes the freshest content about artists, singles, albums, and charts.

We also help beginners hone their skills in music through our music lessons and tutorial services that are custom-tailored to your needs. Moreover, we also offer reviews and guide regarding music.

Dannii Music has been serving for almost 20 years. We promise to continue our passion so that more and more people will appreciate the beauty and art of music.